Diržininkas Tank Drums

This is my work, I make musical instruments called tank drums. Made from propane balloons. My job is to do the cutting, grinding, polishing, tuning the notes and heat coloring of the metal to get it bright and sounding. A beautiful tank drum picture made by a wonderful photographer Sintija Šlēgele. 
To hide the unwanted reflections on the drum surface she had to make a space cowered by a  fabric and look with a camera through a gap. This is one of my dearest works. Somehow already in the start I felt that this is a special one. 
The final process of making my drums is the coloring.
You make a fireplace to boil a chemistry pot and immerse the drum. 
So, the day of the process I went to my girlfriends mothers house where I do that. 
Soon I noticed that the quite aggressive solvent had eaten through the aluminum pot metal and the stuff would just flow out if it melts.
I took the train to the capital center market and bought a new one, got back and till I got ready with the fireplace it was quite dark 
and started to rain. The falling raindrops somehow made a beautiful random spotted effect with the wonderful blue - violet colors.
There was also a moment when the chemistry vent over the pot into the flames and burned in very bright light. That was a wonderful evening. This is how my tank drums can be recognised from others. This is my surname, my mastery brand. It is pickled in.
 Not too pushy finding its elegant place on the bottom of the drum keeping it still pure. This is also one of my favorite tank drums. One artist got it, I alredy knew that he will pick this one from the option of 4 drums.
 Cause the pattern formed by the tongues is dear to him. The 'morning star' in Latvian mitology protects from evil. the polishing extent is so deep that the surface becomes as a mirror This tank drum has a indeed lovely delicate blueish pattern. the same drum as in previous picture Usually I make a set of 5 drums and then I take them to photographer, I think so far I have made 4 such clear sets and pictures with them. This tank drum was with me quite for a while and I played it a lot. It was played for the tune in my video of how I make drums. 
The tune is by the way composed by me, but it is also quite similar with one classical music work. The name on the back is pickled in with acid. The stuff is not to harmful for humans skin, but quite hard with metals, takes 12 hours to make an engraving. Diržininkas - an old Lithuanian name meaning - the belt man This drum found it's player in Finland . Reminds me somehow a mouth, or a Poké Ball I made these when living for some months in a shared flat. Mostly working in evenings coming back from the office job. The owner was so scared that I will burn down his shed. Must have been indeed scary view, the night and sparks from the grinding going all over the place. But now I have settled my workshop in my parents old country side house, in the start they were also terrified. But I found where they hid my tools. Now we are ok. Tank drums in this picture remind me bunnies. . Another tank drum with a 'morning star' pattern, my good friend is playing it now. . . I called this tank drum bilberry. 
On this one I tried to get an effect by tying many bilberry plants around the metal before immersing it in the chemistry, 
It was a big boiling and flaming and not quite an effect that I hoped, but the color somehow got similar as from this berry. . . . . . . . . . . . I love how this photographer makes her pictures - with passion. And the autumn stars come down. Drum in this picture omehow gives me some childhood association form an old Japanese superhero cartoon. A large second time polished morning star pattern All accessories are also made by me and my closest. The colored ones got their hue by immersing them in the chemistry pot with a temperature around 300° C, the surface temperature rapidly changes and the color with it. So you watch how the color turns from slight yellow to reddish and further to violet then blue and fades away in to lightly blue. There the photographer comes from behind the curtain. The magic painting of heat and chemistry on the side of the drum. For quite a while I tried to catch more yellowish or light rosy colors before they get violet, finally I got one beauty. . The surface thickness around the name was probably less grinded to preserve it and it colored a bit different Quite a job to get the grooves smooth and shiny and not to break the metal, need to keep the eye all the time sharp. the natural steel color is preserved wild as surface of the moon the welding belt still on torch flame colored surface, simple but only the tough polishing work gives the brightness