Diržininkas Tank Drums


I am making drums since autumn 2014, a friend was making them before and I felt that I can also make one. I like how simple and in the same time impressive is this instrument, like from a different world. 

It took quite a struggle till I got the look and quality that I can present now. But I always had a feeling that it is something worth to develop. Many experiments with materials and techniques have been carried on and found a quite unique style of making these instruments. One other friend said that it looks that there is something from me in the drums. 

Shortly of those who don’t know what a tank drum is: a modern musical instrument, made from 5 liter steel propane balloons, it has vibrating tongues (my drums have 7-8 tongues).
Each tongue has a different note in a conventional musical scale. I play tank drums with two mallets. Drums that I make are polished and treated with heat to achieve the different colors. Each of my drums has a pickled name on the back (my surname). Size of a drum is approx. 22 cm diameter and 17 cm height, the weight - around 2 kg.

Myself, I am also a musician. I’m playing folk instruments and perform with the Latvian traditional lyre called kokle. You can have a look in my music here: https://soundcloud.com/andris-dirzininkas/sets/moon-bloom

And I’m from a small post-soviet country (Latvia). Grew up in a village near a small, old-fashioned western-Latvian town (Kuldiga). But my love for many years has been the capital. In years before my passion were hitchhiking trips with their wild and freedom loving vibes. Done quite lot of busking too.

On other hand I have a technical education (building), last couple of years I have been working in an architect office and still do it parallel to craftsmanship. Before done also jobs like mailman, hospital attendant, deck hand on an oil tanker and others. In the future I think to develop my craft skills and keep on working in architecture as it seems I’m good at these two..  

And thank you so much all the people who have and are still helping me to develop this. Everyone needs so much help to do something new and special, I'm thankful that I really had it.

A nice cataloque of my drums can be viewed here

You can get one in the SHOP page.

And the best and most personal way would be to visit me at my place in Riga Tornakalns district. Here you could check the sound and the look for yourself. You can surely contact me here or in FB and I will surely reply soon.

See you
Andris Diržininkas